About Elead CRM

ELead CRM is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for the automotive industry. It helps dealerships manage sales, marketing, service, and inventory operations within a unified platform. In this article, we will provide an overview of ELead CRM and its key capabilities.

ELead CRM was founded in 2006 in Irvine, California by automotive veterans who understood the need for an industry-specific CRM. The software is built on the latest cloud technologies and is used by over 5,000 dealerships in the US and Canada. ELead CRM empowers dealerships to enhance productivity, profitability, and growth.

Key Features

Here are some of the main features and capabilities offered by ELead CRM:

Sales Management

  • Manage the complete sales lifecycle from lead to close.
  • Track prospect interactions and sales activities.
  • Analysis of sales pipelines and projections.
  • Insights into sales team performance.

Marketing Automation

  • Design targeted email campaigns.
  • Manage online reputation on review sites.
  • Track marketing analytics for ROI.
  • We have automated lead nurturing and scoring.

Service Management

The system streamlines appointment settings and reminders, enhancing efficiency. It optimizes technician scheduling and dispatch for a more organized workflow. Efficiently managing repair orders and technician tickets ensures a smooth operational process. Mobile access improves customer service, providing convenience and accessibility.


Inventory Management

  • Organize and track vehicle inventory.
  • Vehicle appraisals, pricing tools, and calculators.
  • Customizable vehicle listings and specifications.
  • Inventory health monitoring and turnover analytics.

Reporting and Analytics

  • 100+ customizable reports on all business areas.
  • Interactive dashboards with visualizations.
  • Track KPIs and metrics for actionable insights.
  • Role-based reporting with custom views.

Mobility and Access

The company offers native mobile apps for iOS and Android, ensuring a versatile and inclusive user experience. Field teams benefit from real-time data access, enhancing their efficiency and decision-making. The apps enable on-the-go inventory details retrieval through VIN scanning. Location-based features, coupled with proximity alerts, further optimize user engagement and operational effectiveness.


ELead CRM delivers the following key benefits for dealerships:

ELeadCRM Portal
  • Increased sales and profits.
  • Improved marketing ROI.
  • Enhanced customer experiences.
  • Optimized inventory management.
  • Data-driven insights for strategic decisions.
  • Omnichannel accessibility on any device.
  • Easy integration with existing dealer tools.
  • Dedicated customer support and training.

By streamlining processes across departments and providing data-driven insights, ELead CRM enables dealerships to boost productivity, increase revenue, and deliver excellent customer experiences. The platform is continuously enhanced based on industry trends and dealer feedback.


ELead CRM is a comprehensive dealership management platform designed to help drive the success of automotive businesses. Its robust capabilities for sales, marketing, service, and inventory make it a valuable investment for forward-thinking dealerships looking to grow profitably.

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