Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about ELead CRM to help users better understand the platform.

What industries does ELead CRM cater to?

ELead is designed specifically for automotive dealerships including car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, and equipment dealers.

What are the pricing options for ELead CRM?

ELead offers flexible pricing models including per-user monthly subscriptions, bulk subscription packages and customized enterprise pricing.

What support does ELead provide?

ELead provides 24/7 email and phone support, live chat, remote assistance, onboarding and regular training webinars.

How can we import data into ELead CRM?

You can import data from Excel, and CSV files. ELead also offers professional data migration services for accurate transfer from other dealer management systems.

Does ELead integrate with other dealer software?

Yes, ELead seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Dealer.com, vAuto, Dominion, etc. via APIs. Custom integrations can also be built.

Can I use ELead CRM on mobile devices?

Absolutely! ELead offers native iOS and Android apps with full CRM functionality for mobility.

Is my data secure on the ELead CRM cloud?

ELead uses enterprise-grade security like encryption, SSL, and SOC 2 compliance to ensure your data privacy and security on the cloud.

What training resources does ELead provide?

ELead offers onboarding guides, demo videos, webinars, online courses and in-person training programs on using its platform.

Does ELead provide consultation services?

Yes, ELead’s team can provide expert consultation on CRM implementation, change management, and optimal use of ELead for your dealership.

How can I learn more about ELead CRM?

Please visit www.eleadcrm.com or call 800-997-3283 to schedule a personalized demo and discuss your requirements with an ELead representative.

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