How to Contact and Get Support from Elead CRM Customer Service

As a subscriber relying on Elead CRM to manage sales processes and track customer interactions, having readily available customer service if issues emerge is vital. Elead provides multiple contact options to connect with support technicians for troubleshooting platform problems, answering usage questions or assisting with account administration.


Submitting Online Support Tickets

The most direct way to engage Elead CRM customer assistance is by submitting an online support ticket through your account. Log into Elead and click your profile avatar in the top right corner. Select “Get Support” from the dropdown menu.

This will open the support panel where you can enter issue details for priority-based ticketing. Make sure to designate the urgency accurately – P1 for platform outages, P2 for major functionality loss or P3 for minor problems. Adding screenshots is also recommended to demonstrate error messages received.

Emailing Support Addresses

Depending on your Elead product edition, direct dedicated email addresses are provided for reaching customer support teams. If subscribed to Enterprise edition for example, email [email protected] for the fastest response from that tier’s specialized technicians.

Those links are found on respective edition support pages once logged into your Elead account. Sending screenshots, videos and detailed descriptions via email enables technologists to better troubleshoot remotely.

Calling Toll-free Support Lines

All Elead CRM editions provide an 800 number for speaking to a live support agent if online tickets/emails are inconvenient or if you prefer phone assistance. Support centers are staffed daily from 8am to 8pm in your local US time zone.

When prompted on the toll-free call, you will need to enter your Elead account phone number for faster case lookup and routing. So have that handy as the best customer identifier across channels.

Elead CRM Support

Searching the Knowledge Base

Before contacting Elead support teams, try self-service through the searchable knowledge base which provides how-to’s and FAQs on popular product topics like importing contacts, creating forms and dashboards, setting user permissions and more.

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Access the knowledge via the (?) menu > Knowledge Base once logged into your Elead account. Here you input query keywords to surface relevant help articles and platform documentation that often resolve issues without needing a support case.

Requesting Support via Live Chat

For real-time online assistance, use Elead’s live chat feature accessible within your account menus. Click the “Chat with us” text situated on bottom right of the screen to open a chat dialog with the next available support rep.

The chat window allows interfacing with agents, sending screenshots of problems observed, receiving recommendations and links to knowledge base content. Live chat works well for quick questions when emails/calls aren’t necessary.


Does Elead offer 24/7 customer service availability?

No, support hours are 8am to 8pm local US time zones daily via phone, chat, tickets or email.

Is there an status page detailing any Elead platform outages?

Yes, subscribers can check for real-time notifications on performance issues or upcoming maintenance.

What identification is needed when contacting Elead support?

Have your Elead account phone number ready to share which allows faster lookup of your account specifics for the agents assisting you.

Can I add Elead support contacts to my email/instant messaging apps?

Yes, for fast access add [email protected] or [email protected] based on your edition.


Leveraging Elead’s omni-channel customer service options delivers reliable avenues for troubleshooting platform problems big and small. Submit detailed support tickets within your CRM, call toll-free hotlines, instantiate live chat dialogs or email edition-specific addresses around the clock. Combine with knowledge base search for the best tech assistance. Keep key support contacts and account IDs handy to drive fast response.

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