How to Send an Email in Elead CRM

Sending emails to contacts and leads directly from Elead CRM allows automotive dealerships to streamline communications and deliver more personalized, relevant messaging to customers. With just a few clicks, staff can reach out to individuals or groups and integrate customer data into emails to boost engagement.


Follow these key steps to send professional emails via Elead CRM:

Access the Email Screen:

The starting point is navigating to the email tab, which is located along the top bar. It resembles an envelope icon. This will open the email screen. The window is divided into two sides – one for selecting recipients and one for composing the actual message.

Select Recipients:

On the left side, you will see contact groups and filters allowing you to choose who receives the email. For example, you may want to email a special offer only to customers who recently visited the dealership. Use the filters to locate and tag these contacts. Another option is choosing a previously created smart list or group. Multiple individuals and even groups can be chosen to receive the same message.

Compose the Email:

With your recipients selected, move to the right side to compose the email. Enter a subject line and then write out your message. The editor functions much like common email platforms. You can style text, insert images and hyperlinks, create lists and more.

Personalize the Content:

A key benefit of Elead email is integrating customer data to personalize content. Merge fields containing information like contact name, vehicle type, and date of last purchase can be added. Personalized emails have much higher engagement and action rates.


Establish Tracking:

Ensure tracking is enabled before sending your emails. This allows you to gauge open rates, link clicks, and unsubscribes. Tracking shows what messages and strategies are most effective. Also, links can be tagged to trace their direct impact on lead conversion and sales.

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Queue Delivery:

Instead of clicking send immediately, it may be smarter to schedule email delivery for a certain date and time. This lets you space out messages and send them during times your audience is most active. Emails can be queued days, weeks or even months into the future as part of automated campaigns.

Analyze Results:

Once emails are delivered, return to the email platform to view performance. The tracking statistics provide response rates and engagement metrics for your different recipient groups and email types. Comparing data informs your approach to optimize future messaging for higher ROI.

By mastering Elead’s email tools and establishing best practices around tagging, personalization, timing and analysis, dealerships can transform communications into a source of sales growth and customer retention. Consult the Elead knowledge base for more email how-to guides and tips.

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